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Coming Home // Senegal

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Coming Home: A Yoga and Meditation Retreat for Reconnection, Transformation and Cultivating Inner Peace.

With Dearbhla Glynn and Desiree Zwanck

This retreat is all about slowing down,  taking rest and nourishing yourself. Come to practice yoga, meditate and ultimately step away from the responsibilities of daily life. Take time to create space and reconnect with yourself, your soul, your heart and nature.

Situated on the stunning Sine Saloum delta where the magnificent array of birds from pelicans to kingfishers surround us as we practice yoga and meditation on the pontoon. The daily morning meditation is timed nicely so we can watch the stunning sunrise. This retreat is designed to help you to reconnect not only with yourself but also with nature, the sun, the sky and the sea. Enjoying the blissful peace and stillness the Sine Saloum provides. You can finally breathe,  slow down, take rest and nourish yourself.

There is a part of us that is always at peace and this week we will use this time to come to that place of peace. Through the daily meditation practices we will explore themes like letting go, addressing our inner critic, how we speak to ourselves, gratitude, acceptance and heart centred living.

After our morning meditation we will have a lovely nutritious breakfast. We will then take a  mindful walk in the beautiful surroundings of Sine Saloum and come back for our morning yoga practice. The morning practice will be a warming flow in a vinyasa style of yoga, open to all levels and abilities, opening the body, muscles and joints while creating strength and increasing flexibility.

In the afternoon there is time off, where you can take a boat trip or lie out on the beautiful pontoon and watch the pelicans and herons swim close by, take a trip to the magnificent Baobabs and visit the museum of art close by.

The evening yoga practice will help you stretch and lengthen muscles and release any stored tension over all creating a feeling of openness and lightness within the body. Allowing the body and mind to let go and sink into deep relaxation. The yin and restorative practice are focused on calming the nervous system and allowing your body and mind to come to a place of deep relaxation.

After we finish our practice, we will enjoy a delicious dinner while under the stars and watching the moon rise above the water and at least once we will drum and dance with Serer women from the nearby village of Djilor Djilack.

820€ single €1500 double

For more information and to book please contact Desiree Zwanck: