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Vinyasa Workshop // Samadhi, Dublin

Dearbhla will lead a strong slow Vinyasa practice focusing on developing strength and flexibility. While moving mindfully through each asana we will hold poses for a little longer to strengthen and also awaken the muscles and open up the whole body.

Through the practice we will open hamstrings, strengthening the quadriceps and core strength, We will explore some deep forward bends, and also heart opening, back bends eventually working towards some full split variations.

Expect to build fire within feeling strong and vital during this practice, the final part of the practice while the body is still warm and open, we will focus on some hip openers and then moving toward winding down, holding some forward bends and eventually calming all of the senses with lovely restorative poses moving towards our final savasana.

The overall practice will calm the mind and senses.

All welcome, please let Dearbhla know if you have any injuries.

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