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Yang & Yin Flow // Little Bird, Dublin

Little Bird Cafe

Saturday, February 9th 

15:00-17:30 // € 35

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The workshop, led by Dearbhla Glynn, will consist of a strong, slow Vinyasa Yang practice focusing on developing strength, focus, and flexibility. While moving mindfully through each asana we will hold poses for a little longer to strengthen and awaken the muscles and open up the whole body. Throughout the practice we will focus on hamstrings, quadriceps, core engagement warming up for back bends and inversions. Expect to build fire within and tap in your inner strength while revitalising body and mind.

For the second part of the workshop we will move towards a Yin practice where we'll be targeting the connective tissue through long-held passive stretches. We will allow the body to relax into forward folds before closing the session with some calming restorative poses followed by a long savasana. The overall practice will strengthen the body, calm the mind, and encourage deep relaxation.

All welcome! If you have any injuries, please contact Dearbhla, 

To book click here.

Dearbhla (500hr RYT) is one of the resident teachers at the Cliffs of Mother Yoga Retreat and Samadhi Yoga Dublin. For more info about her teaching style and experience see: