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Take some time out to destress and make time for yourself to rest and recharge your mind, body and spirit. 

Traditionally Samhain marked the end of the Celtic year and the beginning of a new one, it is a time of rest and reflection and nurturing intentions, where we turn our attention inwards, and focus on nourishment, rest and renewal. Letting go of the past and welcoming the new year ahead. Dearbhla will lead a calming, grounding retreat focusing on mindfulness, yoga and laying the foundations for a wonderful year ahead.

Through the morning meditation we will nurture quiet, stillness and peace, nourishing both the body and spirit. The morning yoga practice will focus on strengthening the muscles by working through a lovely warming slow flow, moving through different yoga postures and transitions.

In the evening practice we will practice yin yoga, opening up tired and stiff joints and eventually moving towards deep relaxation as we hold restorative poses, which calms the body and the mind and the nervous system.

Whether it is the silent walks with stunning views, cosying up by the fire, sauna, hot tubs and the most delicious and nourishing vegetarian food, expect a weekend of nourishment and sheer bliss!

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Later Event: November 4