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Handstanding with Dearbhla

Going upside down is a very rewarding experience, it feels great and it is fun! But if can also be intimidating and challenging. Dearbhla hopes to play around with the throughout the workshop hopes to begin to remove some of these challenges and obstacles that prevent people from going upside down. She will lead a handstand workshop where we will develop some new techniques to approaching handstands.


The first part of the practice will be a slow, warming vinyasa practice to warm up the body and develop strength, flexibility and open up the joints. We will also focus on strengthening the core.

Expect to build fire within feeling strong and vibrant during this practice.

Moving towards developing strength, confidence and stability in going upside down in a variation of different approaches towards hand stands.

We will also open up the chest and heart with some back bending, before winding down with some lovely forward bends and a gentle, restorative savasana.